PFC Capacitors
CONCAP Capacitors are Metalized Polypropylene (MPP) Capacitors with stacked winding and impregnated with Non-PCB biodegradable soft resin in Aluminum Case. They are P-2 Protective, installed with UL 94 V(0) approved Over Pressure Disconnector. Low loss factor with self-healing properties providing longer life and reliability. They are fully Explosion proof and RoHS Compliant. 

Main Features
  • Compact Cylindrical Construction for Easy Mounting. 
  • Self-Healing MPP Film. 
  • Over-pressure Disconnector as per UL 94V(0) standard to prevent Explosion & RoHS Compliant - 85329000. 
  • Non PCB Oil Encapsulation. 
  • Safe Touch, Shock-proof Terminals & Eco-friendly.
  • High Temperature withstanding Capacity 
  • 3 Phase Delta Connection.